5 Nisan 2011 Salı

Based On A True Story...

If life is getting pretty hard, It means God is afraid of your progress.

Okay, back stroy. I work at a cafe, and above that cafe there are apartments. Most of them belongs to drug dealers and those who buy from them...Then, there's Denny.

Denny is about 65 now, I believe. He's old, walks barefoot with a cane, wears a straw hat everywhere, and looks like Alan Moore, and usually refers to me as "Peach". He's traveled the entire world, twice, and still does. Usually hitchhikes. He always tells me stories of adventures in exchange for a coffee and a brownie.

So, it's winter, and it's been a pretty lazy day. Denny's sipping at his coffee, I'm on my laptop, when this dude with a horribly fake tan bursts in and demands a coffee. So, I work fast because I can see the dude's in a hurry, when I burn my hand pretty bad spilling some coffee on it. I can hear this dude give out a loud "UGH". So, I cool my hand up and give him his coffee, he snatches it from my hand and says the service here sucks. Jerkwad doesn't even pay me, and suddenly Denny's blocking his way out the door.

Denny: 'Scuse me sir, but you haven't payed Peach there for her work.
Jerkwad: Please. Tell "Peach" it's not my fault she's clumsy as hell.
Denny: You've misunderstood me, sir. Peach over there works a lot harder than you, and you look like you could spare a dollar.
Jerkwad: Look, just stop blocking the door and I'll be on my way.

Denny holds up the cane, and pulls up the little jewel on the top of it. HE HAS A MOTHERFUCKING SWORD IN HIS GODDAMN CANE. And you know what he says?

" I've killed better men than you. Pay Peach her goddamn dues."

Jerkwad freaks out, runs back to the counter and shoves a fifty on it. Murmurs something like "Keep the change" and runs out the door. Denny casually sheats his cane sword and sit back down. And asks for a refill.

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