1 Ocak 2012 Pazar

1 Day of Summer

I do not have a source to attribute this to, but since I'm posting it on the Internet, people will just assume I'm right.

Living in L.A. i went to Boston to visit (went to college there) for a weekend. Was walking down Newbury street talking on the phone when I saw her. We checked each other out for quite a while. I saw her, she saw me. We looked away to pretend we weren't checking each other out. That sort of thing. I was talking on my phone during all this when I finally said to the person on the other line: 'Hey, i gotta run. I'm gonna go talk to a girl'.
Went up to her and said: 'I'd ask you out for some coffee but I see you already have a drink' (she was holding a cup). We started chatting and she offered her phone number. It was awesome. I was so nervous going up to her but part of me didn't give a crap because I was leaving the next morning. If she rejected me, it certainly would not have been the first! We hung out later that evening, didn't sleep at all then went to see the sunrise with Dunkin Donuts coffee. She dropped me off to catch my flight the next day back to L.A. I called her as soon as I landed. She came out to visit me 10 days later and we got married 8 months after that day. That's the story in a nutshell. Every time I think about how we met it feels unreal! This kind of stuff doesn't happen! I was lucky that it happened to me


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